Friday, July 3, 2009

Tall Barn Pro

The Tall Barn Pro is the top of the line for our sheds.
Not only is the barn a pleasure to look at,
it offers amazing useable space for the square footage under the roof.

Here the Tall Barn Pro (12x16) is side by side with a Pro Ranch.
The blue ranch wall height on the window and door wall is 6'5" floor to top of sidewall (wall with door and windows)
Tall Barn Pro has an interior wall height of 8' to the bottom of the rafters and a loft over that with headroom over 5 feet.
This shed feels huge inside... very roomy and workable space.
There is no more roomier shed in a 10x12 on the market.
This is the interior of the 12x16 Pro Tall Barn. Notice the 8 foot walls and strong rafters.

I have seen this loft configured with a pull down staircase and used as a children's play area.
The 2x4 skylights let in tons of daylight.
This shed is configured with radiant barrier metalic foil roof sheeting.
Not only does it keep the shed 10-15 degrees cooler than a shed with plywood roofing,
it also reflects light back around the shed and brightens the interior.
This shed also has a ridge vent, which allows heat to escape from the highest point in the shed.

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