Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why Blog Sheds??

My name is Jack McKeogh and I am a sales consultant at Tuff Shed in Sacramento... one of the busiest showrooms and factories in the Tuff Shed system.
I spend my days listening to people who need to solve problems of storage, workshops, home offices, spare rooms, and garages.

For most of these folks, it is the first time grasping the idea of what a shed can do.
Most of the time I am going over the same concepts again and again.
A lot of my customers are on the phone or through Emails.
In the Showroom I can walk over to one of the sheds and demonstrate a concept.
But when I have someone on the phone I am challenged to explain without a photograph or series of photos.
So it is for these people that I want to have these concepts displayed in a convenient location on the internet.

There is a lot of ground to cover and I think this could help out a lot of people who are looking at sheds or garages as a solution to their problems.
When a specific problem arrises I will post an answer here in the blogg and that should help a lot more people than just that one customer.

Some of the topics I will cover in future bloggs:
  • Why a shed?
  • What are the differences between sheds?
  • How are the sheds built?
  • What do the builders need at my location?
  • How do I prepare my site?
  • How big can I go?
  • What's the difference between a shed and a garage besides the concrete floor?
  • How does the steel beam floor work?
  • What are my door options?
  • Can I put plumbing and electric in my shed?
  • How do I find out what town or county will allow me to build?
  • Setbacks and height limits: How far from my house, fence, garage, driveway? How tall can I build?
  • Will I need a permit? How do I get a permit? What does not require a permit. How does this effect my property values? My tax assessment?
  • What does my warantee do for me?
Except for the prebuilt sheds that we sometimes sell off our lots, every customer gets a custom made shed made to their requirements and desires, no matter if it's the simplest 4 x 6, or a 30'x60' studio or garage.
My manager likes to say we can build anything!

Left to right: 20x20 Garage, Pro Ranch with porch, loafing shed with Tack Room, Garden Ranch, lean-2.